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About Create

Ruud van Drongelen
Owner and Creative Designer

Create Garden Design garantees surprising garden designs with a lot of attention to detail and environment.

 I process your wishes to a coherent design to ensure you the optimal garden experience.

Perfection is the goal and is centered around you, the customer.

To continuously generate new ideas and designs I like to get inspired by undergoing (far) international journeys,

this way I find new materials, styles and atmospheres that I try to customize to a concept that works in the Dutch environment.

This inspiration makes the possibilities for a future garden truly boundless.

If you choose Create Garden Design, you go for the ultimate experience of your garden.

Whether you go for a natural, modern or a vacation setting, together with you as customer I bring the desired atmosphere to life

and ensure you can enjoy your own piece of paradise.

We realize our projects in collaboration with:


Ruud van Drongelen
Dyckmeesterstraat 17
5528 AN  Hoogeloon
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)6-51091938

Email: info@create-gardendesign.nl


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